Types of Massage

Your massage experience will be unique to your needs and preferred pressure. I have studied many modalities and, as I'm working out your aches and pains, you are more than invited to share what you've liked or disliked in past massages and to request a specific style.

If you prefer my signature massage, I will blend together all my favorite approaches to give you a diversified and incredible session. I start with a base of Swedish massage - incorporating its seven proven massage techniques in an incredibly soothing manner until your tension and stress have melted away. I then interlace it with trance-inducing Deep Lomi strokes and the hypnotic effects of reflexology. As I encounter adhesions or knots, I might try any combination of Trigger Point, Positional Release, Deep Tissue, or Myofascial Therapy, until they've released. If I notice an area seems 'stuck' or immobile, I would throw in some Thai stretches and 3D massage strokes to open up your joints and get you feeling like new. Each massage is adaptive, depending on what your body needs in that moment.



Craniosacral therapy is an artfully gentle and nourishing touch. Its slow, calming holds and tensegrity principles will subtly realign the bones in your head and neck and prompt fascial patterns to patiently release throughout your entire body. This also opens up any restrictions on your cerebral spinal fluid, which is a vital fluid that filters out metabolic wastes, maintains the electrolytic balance, and supplies nutrients to your brain and rest of the central nervous system. This has been shown to be wonderfully impactful on our lymphatics/immune, skeletomuscular, and endocrine systems. Traditionally, you would remain dressed and face up on the table, though alternatively it can be integrated into a massage. If you find yourself struggling with high anxiety, suffering from insomnia, headaches, irritation or stress, a craniosacral session is the perfect retreat. You will find yourself entering a state of complete parasympathetic healing and meditative serenity as all your troubles simply melt away.

Thai Yoga on the Table

For those days where your body is aching for extra movement but your mind is begging for rest! This is a dynamic yet profoundly relaxing style of body work, an ancient healing way of increasing energy throughout the body using joint motion and palming or thumbing along Sen lines. I utilize wisdom and techniques that were taught to me during a tri-level intensive training in the serenely beautiful Ko Samui, Thailand, in addition to direct mentorship from amazing teachers such as Eric Spivack and Paul Buffel. It's rumored that the Buddha himself enjoyed receiving this therapeutic style of bodywork. You will be clothed, on the table, and we'll use zero to minimal oil throughout the massage. Bring comfortable, loose clothing that will allow me to stretch your limbs in all directions, and prepare to experience the mind, body, and soul effects of thai yoga postures.

Deep Lomi Full Body

Flow. Calm. Rhythm. Trance. This massage was introduced to me by a truly gifted and creative mind. Joe Lavin took the rhythm and serenity of Hawaiin Lomi Lomi and integrated it with his deeper moves, creating structural miracles in the body. For those who can’t decide between relaxation and treatment, why choose when now you can have both!? Traditionally done with a towel drape instead of a sheet (though we can adapt to your modesty preference), Deep Lomi blurs the lines between leg and back, arm and leg, treating you not as parts of a whole, but as the whole. It is a deeply holistic, flowing massage that will ground you and prepare you to walk through the rest of your day in a lovely trance.

Phenomenal Touch

Imagine blending slow-dance and massage to create a dynamic, out-of-this-world experience. You will relax deeper and deeper until any tension or guarding left in your body lets go. Your body will be transformed into a 3-dimensional ebb and flow where you are gently twisted, cradled, rocked, and kneaded until sinking into oblivion. Parts of you may hang off the table, while other parts are softly lifted into the air. Your body moves as if it is a seaweed on a warm ocean, weightless and supported. My hands imitate the natural waves of water, flowing around both sides of your body at the same time. This is the most nourishing of all my massages as it comforts both the physical and the emotional pains of our body's traumas.


Sarga Barefoot Massage

This barefoot massage uses a silky strap that attaches to the massage table, allowing for an incredibly unique myofascial massage. It uses minimal lotion and maximum friction. I explore the push-pull relationship with gravity as I lean and lunge with the strap to deliver the perfect pressure to you using mindfully slow and sustained strokes. Your tension will melt away under the broad surface of my feet or the detailed fanning of my toes as I deliberately stimulate the fascial stretch response around your various muscles. This in an incredibly unique massage, a must-try!