How it all started

My massage company was born in Barcelona, Spain, on the sands next to the giant Golden Fish Statue. I charged 1 Euro per minute and people could buy anywhere from 1 to 480 minutes. In 2005, I opened up in Washington, USA. Take a glance at my bio to read about the journey.

What's in a name?

A Reminder To Relax has been around since phone books were the norm and a marketing expert told me I should pick a business name that begins with an A, so as to show up first on the page. Little did I know, phone books were already being replaced by search bars and web pages.

If I could reduce humans to a single dichotomy, it'd be the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems. Parasympathetic is the state our body is in when it's resting and digesting (or feeding and breeding); sympathetic is when we're in fight or flight. Both are important in our day to day life, but tip the scale too much in one direction and it can cause health problems. Many of us sacrifice sleep, laughter, and down time in order to achieve a hurried and stressed lifestyle. Massage is a much needed reminder to relax.

What's so great about Relaxing?

The parasympathetic nervous system allows the body's immune system to function properly, encourages more nutrient-absorption during digestion, and calms our over-stimulated nerves. I'm not saying Massage will cure cancer, dissipate anger, and solve every single physical and emotional ailment. However, I'm not saying it won't. ;-)