Types of Massage

Your massage experience will be unique to your needs and preferred pressure. I have studied many modalities and, as I'm working out your aches and pains, you are more than invited to share what you've liked or disliked in past massages and to request a specific style.

If you prefer my signature massage, I will blend together all my favorite approaches to give you a diversified and incredible session. I start with a base of Swedish massage - incorporating its seven proven massage techniques in an incredibly soothing manner until your tension and stress have melted away. I then interlace it with trance-inducing Deep Lomi strokes and the hypnotic effects of reflexology. As I encounter adhesions or knots, I might try any combination of Trigger Point, Positional Release, Deep Tissue, or Myofascial Therapy, until they've released. If I notice an area seems 'stuck' or immobile, I would throw in some Thai stretches and 3D massage strokes to open up your joints and get you feeling like new. Each massage is adaptive, depending on what your body needs in that moment.


Craniosacral therapy is a very gentle and nourishing touch. I was first drawn to it 15 years ago for its approach to recovering ease-of-movement in the membranes and structures surrounding the cerebral spinal fluid. This treatment was offering people a much-needed venous detox of the mind's stresses as well as subtly-realigning bones in the head and back. As I learned more, I started to understand how the principles of tensegrity and fascial interrelation, inherent in craniosacral therapy, were attributing to the betterment of many symptoms related to the nervous system, including headaches, insomnia, irritation, and anxiety. Research has also shown us that it's wonderfully impactful on our lymphatics, skeletomuscular, endocrine, and other systems. If you are ever running through life and feel that you just need a calming break from it all, a craniosacral session is the perfect retreat!